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Is Buying A House Just About Making A Statement In The Society?

By Khushal Pingle on February 21, 2017 in

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You see a lot of ads trying to convince you on spending your hard earned money on a house. The marketing world is all around us and has been for years. Sometimes social pressure and the expectations are so high that it leads to misunderstandings and confusion within the family while buying a house.

In an era where house prices rise reliably (which was nearly in between 2006-2007), it was almost impossible to overpay for a house. Buying flats in Pune was not a difficult process before as of it now.

A house is not just an investment; it's a place where you live in your comfort zone. This is the only significant financial investment. Things like cars and bikes always go down in value, so most of the time, if you're investing, you must have to invest in something that you don't have to fix, water, fuel or live in. If you fall in love with a bond or a stock or a piece of gold, you won't be a smart investor.

The psychology of down markets is irrational. Rising house prices might be efficient, but when developers don't lower their prices accordingly, then inventories become bigger and it's easy for the buyers to think that a certain price is the 'appropriate' price because so many people are offering the houses at or around the same price. Just because someone offers a price, though, doesn't mean it's fair in a given market.

By the time you buy a house, you probably have a family. This means that this is a joint decision, a decision made by at least two people, mostly if you are buying your first home then it is obvious that it is your adventurous decision.

Buying house is decision of at least two people or family

If you have a steady job you can afford the mortgage. But, if you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, a mortgage can wipe you out. When you have a choice between creating a sure-thing average piece of work or a riskier breakthrough, the mortgage might be just enough to hold you back.

Real estate brokers, by law, work for the contractor. And yet buyers often try to please the broker. When a prospect sees an ad and goes to an open house, about to interact with a broker. That broker, in almost every case, is hired by the contractor and has a fiduciary responsibility to the seller to get the very best price for the house. Many brokers like to pretend to themselves that they are representing both sides.

When you buy a big house or an expensive house, you are making a statement in society, for your family, and yourself. Nothing wrong with that, but the question you must ask yourself is, "What I can afford or is it necessary to make such a big statement which is beyond my limit?" How much are you willing to spend on temporary self-esteem? Firstly be clear to yourself that you are buying a home for your own comfort not for making any statement to the society or to please anyone. So, you must be preparing for taking a risk. It is obvious that the power of a house changes your finances; house provides a foundation for a family. Our only aim is to provide you with a house with the affordable price where you can get luxury.

Our only aim is to provide you a house with affordable price where you can get luxury

You will not need any brokers here. Venkatesh Oxy Group is the place where you will want to hold your place. If you are buying a home, it is always better to approach developer directly. There are many misunderstandings on the customer side. Buying a home is the decision of a lifetime so you have to be choosier. We found that most of the people who are buying a home for the first time are mislaid by many fake advertisements or by brokers.

Buying a home is not only about making a statement in society; it first steps to your flourishing future. So, the first step towards future should be a special one. Come to us and we assure you that we will help you. Our luxury residential projects in Wagholi which is a suburb of Pune will make your future definitely secure. So what you are waiting for? Book your home now!

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